Georgian legend about a garnet


The Georgian King was looking for a groom for his only beloved daughter. In order to test the applicant, he came up with a peculiar test. The future groom had to find three ripened fruits of pomegranate tree. But it was not a simple pomegranate. 

The fruits grew on a single pomegranate tree in the marvelous garden, located in a distant lifeless desert. The tree that was magical. A beautiful garden was guarded by evil spirits, by whom it was impossible to go unnoticed. One young man has been so brave, clever and courageous, that he has passed all the tests and got the magical pomegranate fruits. Returning home, he found out that the king was dying. In the country broke out the storm and hunger. The groom has realized that magical fruits can do something to help, and he opened every pomegranate he had. When he broke down the first magical fruit - Georgian king was on his feet, and fully recovered. When the boy opened the second fruit, in the country flourished gardens, and ripened a great crop, which saved people from starvation. And when he opened the third, it rained out precious stones, a hair's breadth similar to grains of a ripened pomegranate fruit. Stones scattered around the world, and ever since then to everyone who found the stone, comes the love and a well-being.

Czech garnet - is a precious stone, which is considered as one of the most beautiful stones in the world. Due to its beauty and elegance, he was revered by the ancient inhabitants of the state, which was located in the territory of the modern Czech Republic. They considered him as the blood of living fire. And they were right, as the variety of garnet known as pyrope, is a piece of volcanic lava.

As you know, the Czech garnet credited with many magical properties. Probably there is no other gemstone that can surprise and make enough doubt in their abilities. As you know, the Czech garnet credited with many magical properties. Probably there is no other gemstone that can surprise and make enough to doubt their abilities. Garnet has no more and no less than 61 magical properties! Most of its mysterious properties are useful and curative, however, stolen garnet can even kill! 

Garnet of a saturated bright red color is endowed with the ability to give its owners the power, energy and perseverance. It is a great helper in marriage, strengthening loyalty, adjusting to the positive and replacing indifference with passion. The Garnet is a great gift and a symbol of friendship and love, and is also considered an excellent gift for second and sixth wedding anniversaries. In ancient times, the friendship was confirmed by garnets, it was believed that those who have exchanged garnets between each other will definitely meet again. And although it is not suitable for people seeking pacification, to his owners he will help to suppress the outbursts of anger and rage, giving vigor and optimism. 

Among Indian yogis passed around the opinion that the fire garnets are intended for people who are prone to lead an active lifestyle, who possess the power, who have to constantly make important life decisions, being in regular intellectual and emotional stimulation. Garnet is able to keep such people in good shape, maintaining its capabilities at the highest level, as well as feeding them with new energy. It will be the perfect assistant to business people by activating their most useful qualities, adding stamina and vitality, while creative people can develop memory and imagination. Travelers and careerists he also will please with their patronage. An ancient legend says that the garnet carbuncle was fixed to the mast of the ark, built by Noah, and illuminated the way at day and night. Since then garnet is considered a talisman for travelers.

Garnet has the properties of the amulet, strengthening karma and creating a magical protection against negative energy. In addition to the aura, stone strengthens nervous system together with digestive system, improves heart work and establishes blood circulation, the stone is considered to be a good remedy for anemia, treats the endocrine system, activating the work of internal secretion and purifying the body from toxins, strengthens the immune system. In ancient Egypt, with garnets people treated blood diseases and bites of the snakes. For the pulmonary system, it will also be a great help, by helping to deal with inflammatory processes. In this case, jewelry with this stone is recommended to wear in a golden frame.

In the trading book of the XVI century it said that the red stone “cheers the heart, drives away obscene thoughts, multiplies the mind and honor from thunder and the enemies it protects, and from the destructive epidemic plague retains, for pregnant wives brings the imminent birth of children.” And in some areas of Greece people put the garnet on children- it is believed that with garnet it is impossible to sink.

Of course, we want to separately highlight the useful power that helps to cope with sexual disorders, helps to overcome infertility, provides women with easy childbirth. Furthermore, it cures various viral infections, helps with high temperature of the body, with strep throat and even headaches. In this case, it is recommended to wear jewelry with garnets, made of silver.

If the stone began to fade - it is a sign of impending danger. In the East, it is believed that the garnets  particularly sparkle and shine in the hands of a really passionate man. Also, Garnet is considered to be a stone of honesty. Italian legend tells the story of a thief who robbed a jewelry store, when the thief was caught, the garnet chain in his hands was dull and gray, and its original appearance has returned only when it was back in place.

From the astronomical point of view, knowing the properties of the garnet, it becomes clear that such a strong stone belongs to the element of fire and it is controlled by the planet of Mars. Especially good to wear Garnet for the signs of fire: Lions, Sagittarius, a bit less for Aries. Red garnets are also good for the earth signs - Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. At the same time it is not desirable for the people of water element to wear Garnet, especially for Pisces and Cancers, as well as the people of the air element - Libra, Gemini and Aquarius. The most favorable day to wear red garnets is traditionally considered to be Tuesday, day of Mars. They are usually worn on the thumb of the left hand.

Despite the miraculous properties of this stone, its owners should be cautious about their manifestation. Regular wearing of garnet allows to stay in a good mood and mild euphoria, however, if you have a desire to stay in tranquility, at that time it is desirable to give up the wearing of the garnet