26.03.2016. The opening of the store

In the center of Saint Petersburg within 5 minutes from Nevsky Prospect on the street Marata 22, on March 26, 2016 was the grand opening of the first official representative of the Czech garnet in Russia- "The Magic Garnet" store opened its doors to lovers of this amazing and magical stone from Turnov (Czech Republic).

This event has not left indifferent such influential persons as Michael Gelbicha, vice-consul of the Czech Republic, and of course, Milan Pishla who represented the company "Granat» a.s. Turnov, as well as officials from the administration of St. Petersburg, who were present the opening ceremony of the store. As guests of honor were introduced the deputies of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg and  businessmans of the city. According to the vice-consul, the jewelry with Czech garnets - " is the most precious gift that the Russian tourists carry from Prague," which, in his opinion, can ensure the success of the new enterprise. At the same time part of the experts believe that the stock of this stones are limited, and their production may be stopped in the near future, which makes the purchase of jewelry with Czech garnets profitable investment of money in the present time. 

According to the representative of the company - all products produced in association of the " Turnov Garnet ", have the certificates of authenticity, and he strongly has recommended to buy jewelry with garnet exclusively from authorized representatives of the company to eliminate the possibility of forgery. Paul Tvrznik, the chairman of Granát Turnov, explaining the reason for entering the Russian market, said that in recent years the number of Russian tourists visiting countries in Europe fell sharply for a number of reasons. "This, in turn, negatively affected sales of jewelry with garnet in the Czech Republic and this was the main reason behind the decision of the Czech manufacturer to open an official representative office in Russia, which will allow us to get closer to our traditional customers," - said Tvrznik. 

"The Magic Garnet" store so far is the only way to buy real Czech garnets without leaving the borders of the Russian Federation. The Granát Turnov company's management does not plan to be limited by opening only one store in St. Petersburg, there are plans for the development of network of stores in major Russian cities.

The collection of the store includes original gold and silver goods decorated with Czech garnets, which are made according to old sketches as well as goods, taking into account the modern fashion trends. As for the brightest and rare jewelry with Czech garnets, they are located directly at the National Museum in Prague, and less significant rarities in terms of collections stored in Prague Art and Industry Museum, and the Moravian Gallery in the city of Brno. Several interesting collections are located in a specialized school in Turnov and in the local museum. And of course, given the history of this stone, a considerable number of holders of such decorations comprise royal figures.


25.04.2016. Income of the Czech jewelery of the Preciosa company.

From the very first days of the store, its assortment is regularly updated, allowing customers to please themselves and their loved ones not only with products from garnet, but also with other Czech jewelry and accessories of high quality. On April 25 the collection of the store includes the jewelry of the Preciosa company, which combines in itself many other world fashion styles. The name "Preciosa" (Preciosa) comes from the Latin word "precious", which means "rare and precious". Preciosa company was established on April 10, in 1948 in Czechoslovakia and is now a leading manufacturer of Czech crystal and jewelry. "The Magic Garnet" store is ready to offer the goods of Preciosa to everyone- this is fashion earrings, rings and necklaces in the spirit of antiquity with magnificent Czech crystal of extraordinary brilliance that has outstanding optical properties and workshop cut, which brought worldwide fame to this brand.

Special attention is given to souvenir collection of crystal, from which it is simply impossible take your eyes off. 

Tiny figures of animals (mice, dogs, turtles, owls and other characters) will impress any visitor of the store, vases with incomparable royal flower will decorate most elegant interior! To the tempted men the store can offer unforgettable glasses from Bohemian glass, encrusted with precious garnets, from which they can have a sip of whiskey at home.

Preciosa continues the famous tradition of north-Czech glassmaking, which originated in the XIV century. For today the company is among the largest Czech companies and has its own trade offices in all the major shopping centers, such as Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, United Kingdom, and the United States. With the opening of "The Magic of garnet" store in St. Petersburg, this list has expanded, and now there is Russian Federation too.


On June2-3, in 2016, took place tournament for the Cup of the Czech General Consulate in St. Petersburg.

In the early summer in St. Petersburg took place a two-day presentation of the Russian distributors of Czech products for sport shooting and hunting from such Czech companies as MEOPTA OPTIKA (sports optics), SELLIER & BELLOT (ammunition) and ČESKÁ ZBROJOVKA (weapons for sport and hunting). Due to this event, more than 70 trading companies from different regions of the country have gathered in St. Petersburg to discuss the current economic situation and interest in Czech products on the Russian market, followed by preferences for it on the market of imported goods of this type. One of the most important tasks of the presentation was to present the Czech Republic and the brand «Made in Czech Republic» in the media.


On the first day the presentation was organized in the PARK INN hotel, where it was introduced to the head of economic department and the General Consul of the Czech Republic in St. Petersburg. The presentation was devoted to theoretical issues related to the latest developments for professionals from Czech manufacturers. The MEOPTA OPTIKA company presented its sights and far vision devices, including this year's novelties. Company representative of SELLIER & BELLOT has acquainted the participants with an assortment of ammunition for all types of sporting and hunting weapons with the use of biomaterials. ČESKÁ ZBROJOVKA company told about the upcoming release of the Shadow 2 pistols, which should become the star of sporting arms market. The second day was assigned to the practice in the Baltic shooting club, where besides the exhibition, has been organized a testing of small caliber weapons such as CZ 455 and CZ 512 with an optical sight, and a gun-type CZ 75.

The central event of the two-day activities have become shooting competition among the 112 people for the Cup of the General Consulate of the Czech Republic in St. Petersburg in three categories: the absolute champion, winner of the "circle of friends" of the General Consulate and the winner among women. The project was partially financed from the funds for support for economic diplomacy of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. Prizes to the winners were presented by companies such as BERNARD Family Brewery, and the company for the production of jewelry with Czech garnets GRANÁT TURNOV, which recently opened its doors in the northern capital, and opened his trademark The Magic Garnet store.

The partners of the project sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, the General Consulate of the Czech Republic in St. Petersburg, the ALLIANCE company (representative of Czech companies in the Russian market), ČESKÁ ZBROJOVKA, SELLIER & BELLOT, GRANÁT TURNOV – The Magic Garnet, MEOPTA OPTIKA and BERNARD Family brewery.