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We invite you to a unique store, which contains collectable items of garnet of the Garnet a.s. company, made by skilled craftsmen's that have valuable experience and knowledge.

Czech garnets are famous around the world for their clarity, deep rich crimson color, and magical properties attributed to this stone. It truly is considered amazing and even mystical, and the number and variety of legends about this stone will surprise and strike the imagination of even the most self-confident skeptic. It owes its name to the eponymous fruit, because the stones of garnet are very similar to the pomegranate grains.

Czech garnets always have the energy of its owner. It is believed that garnet passed by inheritance gains strength of the mascot for its new owner. The garnet is a symbol of love and gives optimism and confidence to its owner, the stone is credited with the protective function to the negative influence. Stone is not recommended for children and people who seek calmness and tranquility, because according to legend, he awakens the passion and emotions in a person.

Czech garnet for many centuries had been appreciated by masters of jewelry, and decorations made of garnet excite the hearts of women since ancient times. Particular popularity and spreading, garnet finds in the era of romanticism. In the past, jewelers often produced ornaments in the form of the heart, decorating it precisely with Czech garnets. Garnet was considered and is considered not only as valuable and bohemian gem, because it is precisely this amazing and beautiful, this stone was popular with decorations of crowns and scepters of kings, and the emperors of Bohemia had the right of redemption for their collection of the most outstanding stone samples.

Collection of the store is updated regularly, allowing visitors to find exactly their own garnet, which will satisfy even the most exquisite taste, and become the owner of jewelry, most of which are products that mimic the jewelry garnets of different eras.

Come and discover the secrets of one of the most mysterious stones in history!